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Friday, January 11, 2013

around here

I don't get in many pictures with my kiddos. There are a few reasons for this (technical-my lens doesn't fit us all in the frame with arms stretched out, superficial- I hardly ever look picture ready these days). Still, I know it is important to get into pictures with my darlings, so last night we squeezed into a few pictures together, when Daddy was away at work, while we were playing after bathtime. I'm happy with our results.
Lately I haven't been the happy mama that I wish I could be.  It could be the time of year (dark, short, cold days), it could be my lack of exercise (must get out, even in the cold), it could be other things. There is nothing exactly that I can pinpoint, so I'm thinking that it has a lot to do with the dark cold days. I am going to be taking more vitamin supplements (vitamin D, omega 3s) and am going to try to start walking more regularly, as I know these are things my mind, body and soul need.
Despite having a hard time trying to find the motivation, we had a nice week of being together. I know this may sound cheesy, but my kids brighten up my day with their gorgeous smiles. I just couldn't stop staring at them over the past few days. Such beautiful kids, such beautiful smiles. I'm having a hard time accepting how quickly time is going by and how big they are getting. I know nothing will stop time, but just for fun, I asked Noah tonight if he could please stop growing and if he could stay this small forever. He promised me he would. If only it could be that way.

A few good things from this week
~ making Valentine prints with Noah using old romaine lettuce tips and a toilet paper roll shapped into a heart
~ having dance parties with my wild animals
~ sharing a dragon fruit with my two little ones. We had to google how to eat it cause I had never bought one before. Oh google, where would we be without you?
~ a busy little girl who is always on the phone talking to someone. Such a social butterfly
~ that time right after bath time, where my little ones are all freshly washed and in their jammies and are starting to wind down with quiet activities (board games, books, quiet music). I love that time of day
~ many cups of tea
~ our trip to Cuba is booked! Beach, sand, barefeet, mojitos, no worries... yes!


  1. You're going to Cuba! So exciting!! And your munchkins are beautiful, Jo! xxx

  2. I'm feeling the same way. And for me it is the weather. And your weather has way more darkness and that's so hard. I know you're going to do vitamin d. We need about 5000IU per day. And I need to take your lead and go walking. I just hate the cold and winter so much that I can stay inside for a week and not realize it. Well until I start to feel crazed. Do you have a SAD lamp? I forgot about mine but when I use it I feel better.


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