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Sunday, December 2, 2012

finding JOY

This holiday season I really want to focus on what is important, what the real meaning of Christmas is.
For some it is about giving. Giving gifts, love, time.
For others, it is more specifically about God's love and the birth of Jesus.
I am searching for what it is all about. I am Christian, so yes, it is about Jesus's birth and God's love... and I am trying so hard to find a way to bring that focus into our day to day living.
I really like to be able to enjoy everything that the holidays have to offer, but when it starts to become too busy, too expensive, too unfocussed, I start to dislike it very much.
This season I want to find JOY in the littlest of moments (and the bigger moments too) and really take time to feel God's love. Maybe it will be in a moment of quiet, where I get to pause and take count of my blessings, or maybe it will be in the middle of a crafting project where I feel the joy I get when I create something. Maybe it will be when I give a gift to a loved one and watch them open it. I want to enjoy the little moments this season and not let anything take away from it.

Today's moments of JOY were ...
~ when the kids went to sleep and I got to finish decorating the Christmas tree. Taking my time to unwrap ornaments that have stories and meaning for me.
~ finding a moment to write out some Christmas cards to family and friends far away
~ dropping off my 6 dozen cookies that I made for our church fundraiser. It felt good to help out.

And you? What were the special joyful moments for you today?

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  1. glad you're finding joy, too. it a good practice when life is so busy. xo!


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