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Saturday, December 1, 2012

all is quiet

 All is quiet after a busy and long day.
Today was another cold day here in the Yukon. Some where around -25 (-30 or so with the windchill). It's days like these where no one wants to venture out. We simply want to hibernate like the wise animals that are native to these parts of the world. But today, despite the cold, we ventured out and it was really nice. After spending all day yesterday at home (mostly in our pyjamas), I decided that we would make the effort to go to the pool for some swimming, and it was really nice to get out.
This evening as I sit in a quiet dark house, now that my busy little ones are resting their busy bodies, I am able to stop and reflect and find things from today that I am thankful for.
Today I am thankful for ....

~ icy trees that glisten in the soft winter light
~ that we have such a great pool here in Whitehorse, a refuge from the cold weather outside
~ for Noah and Katia's excitement as we started to decorate the Christmas tree. I seriously have never seen anyone more excited for a Christmas tree than these two.
~ for peppermint tea late at night
~ for twinkle lights. They make me happy.
~ for escaping the house yesterday and going for a night time coffee date with my dear friend
~ for popcorn and apple cider (mommy may or may not have snuck a little something extra into her cider ;)
~ for quiet, something that is completely underrated in my books.

Have a lovely weekend dear friends. We will be continuing to Christmafy (yes it's a word) our house, crafting up a storm and will be going to church on Sunday. I have plans to get on my sewing projects for this giving season and would love to be able to sneak a few moments so that I can start writing my Christmas cards.

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  1. oh honey, I was so happy to see your comment on my blog this morning. I am not kidding, you and your family crossed my mind yesterday, as i watched the news about snow coming. i thought of what the temps might be in the yukon. i send you love. it looks sweet here. and those babies of your are just precious.


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