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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Part of a "sundog". See the rainbow on the left of the sun? There was one one right too, I just couldn't fit it in my frame

There's been so much to be thankful for. A kid's gingerbread party at a friend's house. A Christmas party, complete with a performance at Noah's preschool. A Christmas brunch potluck today at our house. Friends, warmth, food, holiday movies, snuggles by the tree, comfort....we are indeed blessed with so much.
It is the darkest time of the year right now. The days are short and cold... bitterly cold. Being home is comforting and I am reminded of how blessed we are to have such a lovely and comforting home. Some people don't have a place to call their own, some people have homes that are not safe, or homes with violence within. It's so easy to take for granted all that we have, but I'm trying not to. 
A few pictures to show how the winter has been treating us and some of the Christmas festivities that have been taking place.
Merry Christmas to you and yours. May you be surrounded by love, peace, happiness and joy this holiday season. 

 9am... that little white dot in the sky is the moon. We now start gaining 6 minutes of light a day until Summer Solstice.

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