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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

love love love

I am choosing to focus on what is important at this moment and that is love.
Today I mailed off my heart for the Heart for Hope project for Newtown. It was an action of love. It felt good.
Yesterday I spent my morning dropping off small and unexpected thank you gifts to some lovely ladies who often make our days better for what they do. Our church secretary, the lady who leads the children's storytime at the library, our minister. These were just little token gifts, but I wanted them to know how thankful we were for them. I think it made their days.
Love is all around us. It's in the smile we give to the stranger on the street. It is when we offer to help someone who needs it. It's in the baking that we make for friends. It's in the quick email we send to a friend- just to say hi.
I spent the better half of the weekend tuning in to cbc and reading articles on the internet about Connecticut. I then decided that I had the large picture and that I didn't need to know any more. I was being absorbed by it all, and as a result, not present with my sweet little ones. It doesn't do any good to read or listen to these sensationalized stories (some which are not even true), what the world needs right now is love, these news outlets are not interested in that.
Over the next few days we will be getting ready for Christmas by picking up last minute gifts, doing one more Salvation Army bell shift, having friends over for brunch, doing some baking and hopefully relaxing with a good movie or two and some spiked coffee.
Much love to you and yours as you prepare for Christmas.
ps. Northern kids play at the park in the winter


  1. Stay warm up there! I am so glad there are kind-hearted people like you who focus on the love and spirit of Christmas. If I hear one more urban crochety person complain about what they're entitled to, what they expect under the tree, or what they "need", I might start throwing baby diapers.

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