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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

merry, bright and a few sniffles

The kids were sick this Christmas, which kinda put a damper on how much we were able to take in, but none the less, we had a wonderful Christmas, here in our little home in the North.
Christmas Eve was busy. There was a last minute discovery that the only gift that Noah really wanted
(a telescope) didn't actually work, so I had to get a babysitter (Winslow was at work and Noah was too sick to go out) and then hightail it to the only store in Whitehorse that might have something remotely like it...Walmart. In the end a hunting scope that you mount to a rifle was purchased, Noah has no idea that it wasn't the real deal and his Christmas present wish was granted.
We had to miss church on Christmas Eve, which made me kinda sad. The kids were too sick and I knew it wouldn;t be right to take them out. Instead we picked up Daddy from work, came home, got into our jammies, had popcorn, hot chocolate, appies and wine, while we watched a Christmas movie. We then read T'was the Night Before Christmas (Tasha Tudor version) and then Noah passed right out. Poor guy, he was so sick. Then Daddy, Katia and I got to work on some Christmas magic stuff ;O)
The morning was a furry of presents, phone calls, skype dates, coffee with Baileys and more. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast of eggs benny with smoked salmon (well Winslow and I did... the kids were too sick to enjoy any of it) and then my three babies (yes, Winslow counts) all settled down for some naps. I worked away in the kitchen on a few dishes that I was bringing to our friend Leanne's house (and Jeff, Evey and Sunny) for dinner. Winslow ended up being called into work for the night, so I was happy that he got a nap in the afternoon.
The evening was spent at our good friends' Leanne and Jeff's house having dinner. We consider them our Northern Family, so it was really nice to be all together. Leanne and Jeff put on a lovely dinner for everyone and managed to have 19 people sit around a table. It was so nice.
Winslow had to head off to work part way through the dinner, but was able to come back to Jeff and Leanne's and help me get the kids home to bed. I then kissed Winslow good night as he went back to work and crawled in to bed with the little ones.
A lovely, low key Christmas that was mostly about resting and getting better. Some parties were missed , we didn't get to church like we had hoped, but we were together and that's what is most important.... that and lots of cuddles.
Merry Christmas and happy new year!


  1. Poor Noah's eyes. Hope you're all feeling much better. Happy New Year, Northern Friend.

  2. awww.... look at those sick little faces! But it sure did look like a magical Christmas for the kids even with the plague. :)


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