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Thursday, October 11, 2012

winter is here

Last night the snow began to fall. We knew it was coming, and had been lucky that it held off for so long. Winter is long here. While people down South are enjoying the beauty of Fall, we are already pulling out the winter boots and dipping into our staches of hot chocolate.
Last night I was in the mood for a movie, and so was Winslow and Noah. We decided to watch a family friendly movie and chose Big Miracle, about the grey humpback whales that had been trapped under the ice in Alaska. It was a heart warming movie, and it surprisingly held Noah's interest. We had pop corn and cranberry juice while we all cuddled on the couch. It was a nice treat.
When we went to bed, I snapped this picture of the snow blowing furiously outside. I love the way the snow falls here. Where I come from (Ottawa, ON), the snow is usually wet, thick and heavy. Here it is light and fluffy and when the wind blows, it swirls the snow around in the air in every which way. It's very pretty and mesmerizing to watch.
This morning we woke to a nice light covering of snow. I'm not sure if it is here to stay, but something tells me it is. We get 7 months of snow up here and it was just a matter of time before it came.
The good news is that it looks like Noah is going to enjoy the snow this year. Last year it became a daily battle to get him to wear mitts (not an option here) and even just to go outside. That's not happening this year.
So you can imagine that I am ready to skip the Halloween decorations this year and go straight to my Christmas boxes (yes, I have boxes). I'm already starting to think about what I would like to craft and make this coming holiday season and am thinking about our holiday cards already.

Thank you for my snowsuit Lola and Lolo!!! xox


  1. While I am down South enjoying the fall, you might be happy to know it was raining and windy here today. Two things, among many thing concerning east coast weather, that I did not miss while living in the North. How how I will miss the Yukon winters.

  2. Bring on the Christmas! :) btw Noah is looking to be like such a big boy....what a handsome little guy.

  3. SO beautiful! Cozy and quiet. Love it.


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