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Sunday, October 14, 2012

end of the week gratitude

I am tired after a very long day of photo shoots. It's a good kind of tired. A satisfied one. A relieved one. I was quite worried how it would all work out. Three sessions is a lot to expect, and I was scared that something might go wrong. A few things did go wrong, like I tripped a breaker at my house when too many heaters were running at once (at first I foolishly didn't know what to do to fix it... now I do). I got peed and puked on a few times, but I'm happy to report that I got the shots that I wanted. And that makes me one very happy photographer.
I am now winding down quietly while both babes are asleep. I feel like I have a lot to write down, about all the beautiful moments that I have had in the past week, but I'm not sure where I'd begin.
Instead I will just list them, so they are out there. My gratitude for the week. For the simple little moments and things that make life so sweet.

:: I'm thankful for ....

~ Christmas movies that brighten Noah's and my day ( how can Elf not do that?)
~ Snuggling my ever growing baby girl. These moments seem fleeting, and I'm clinging on for as long as I can.
~ listening to the cbc in the kitchen. My "adult" companion when I am with the kids all day long
~ not having our car (when Winslow takes it to work). This means were are forced to slow it down and hang out around home.
~ evening walks with friends. Taking turns talking. Taking turns listening.
~ long phone calls with my Mom.
~ long phone calls with my Dad.
~ cute pyjamas on cute little girls
~ going out for breakfast ( I LOVE going out for breakfast) with Noah and Katia. Just us, and a big ol' plate of eggs, home fries, pancakes and sausages.

Hope your week coming up is full of happy moments too.


  1. look at those little lips...what a doll. Sounds like a lot of small beautiful things to be thankful for.


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