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Friday, October 19, 2012

when the going gets tough

This past week has had me pretty much doing the single parenting thing for much of it. With a combination of Winslow's work schedule and a fishing trip to Haines Alaska, Winslow has been away from the home much of the time.
A long time ago, we decided that because Winslow's job demands so much from him, that I would be the one to stay home and take care of the homefront. This arrangement works really well for us the majority of the time (with of course some sacrifices), but for the most part we both like it and see the benefit of it. That being said, I do find myself tired and impatient some days and that it can be demanding to be a stay at home mama. No job is perfect right?
So right now, I'm going on night 6 of doing bed time on my own and considering the circumstances, I have to say, I think we are all doing very well (the kids and myself). This past week has seen it's ups and downs, but I feel like we've had some really great days, with some not so awesome moments thrown in for good measure. Mostly, I think we've done really well.

:: Some things that have been good for us ...

~ Yes it is mid October, but I don't care. We broke out the Christmas music and it has made me in a good mood (Noah too). Yes, I am that type of person.
~ Coffee and lot's of it. It's sad, but today was a 3 cup of coffee day. I needed it. It made me a nicer person.
~ Having friends check in on us. My friend Marisa gave  me a much needed call last night (to distract me), and then had us over for dinner tonight. Good friends make the long days so much easier to handle.
~ Having dance parties in our pyjamas. Sometimes, a dance party is all it takes to take a dull and dragging evening, into a party. Songza has been awesome for helping with that.
~ putting our Halloween decorations up. Yes, I may be listening to Christmas music, but still I do know the order of the holidays. Halloween comes first.
~ going to bed at a reasonable time. Staying up late and then waking up early isn't fun for anyone. So I've been trying to go to bed not long after the kids do.

PS. It is Friday now and hubby is home! Thank goodness! After one too many frantic calls to my mother, I seriously needed him to come home. He came home at 7 pm last night I I high tailed it out of here. Went to vote (municipal), then some errands and a much deserved quiet chai tea.

do you see those curls behind her ear? They make me weak in the knees! 

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  1. Oh honey, you know that I know how it is. :-) You are such a great mama.


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