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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

keep calm and carry on

Yesterday started off good, then turned for the worst and then turned itself around, and made it out on top in the end.
Winslow worked the night shift the night before Thanksgiving and that night, a big case came in. He was at work till 10 in the morning (he usually gets home at 6 am or so). Meanwhile, I was at home, doing as best as I  could to get things going for our Thanksgiving dinner (we were hosting a group of friends over).
My morning was busy,  minding the children, cleaning the house, prepping food, so I thought it would be a nice idea to go out for a bit. I decided we would grab so coffees to go and hit up a par, it was such a lovely day! So there we were, Noah, Katia and I, with our coffees and right away, Noah wanted to go on the swings. Both of the baby swings were taken, so I put him in a bigger seat with no front restraint. Push push push, away we go! It was a lovely afternoon...unseasonably warm, with warm golden light shinning down.... perfect! I decided to tell Noah that he could have 5 more pushes (a way I usually get him to transition onto a differt part of the park.) 1 weeeeee .... 2 weeeeee .... 3 weeeee .... 4 weeeeeee ...... 5 weeeee - AHHHHHHHH- THUMP!
Noah fell face first into the ground. Blood, sand, leaves .... blood ... blood....- everywhere! Everyone was was staring. I tried very hard to be calm. The worst thing you can do is freak out, it will scare the child even more. I asked a friend to watch Katia and I took Noah to the car to assess the situation. I cleaned him up as best I could, but we both had blood all over the both of us.
My friend's husband (Jason) came to the rescue with a first aid kit and I fixed him up.  Then Jason brought Katia over to me, who was beside herself upset, and I buckled them up and we drove home.
Minutes into our car ride Noah told me that he felt sick and he threw up everywhere all over him self. At this point I was beginning to get worried.

I brought him home and tried to wake up poor Winslow who had only slept 1.5 hrs after being awake for over 24hrs. I wanted his help because Katia was so upset and Noah needed me and I couldn't take care of both of them. Winslow was just too tired to wake up. I laid Noah down in bed with Winslow and quickly he fell asleep and then I tended to Katia. Meanwhile in the back of my mind I'm thinking, I have a Thanksgiving dinner to host. I was a bit stressed.
I called my mom for some reassurance and put Katia in the ergo so that I could get some work done. She didn't like it, so I had to put down my work and rock her to sleep. Sometimes stopping what you are doing and rocking your baby can actually make things feel better. :O)
Katia fell asleep for a good 2 hrs and in that time Noah woke up and took a nice warm bath. I got him dressed and to my surprise he really was doing well. I put on a show for him and my friend Sarah came over so that I could have some "back up" with the dinner plans.
The rest of the day went so much better. Sarah helped me get everything organized and ready. She played with Katia and Noah so that I could get things ready (thank you Sarah!!! xoxo) and we were ready, right at 4:30.
The dinner was lovely. Everyone brought some food, so it really wasn't that much work.
Turkey, ham, a beef curry, mashes potatoes, a squash casserole, stuffing, dinner rolls, green beans, brussel spouts....oh it was delish. Cupcakes, pies, a crumple.... oh my! Apple cider, white wine, yum yum yum!
After dinner, we all spilled out into the backyard where we did a little fire in our fire pit. This was a huge hit, especially for the 8 year old who was attending the dinner (and didn't have any friends his age to hang out with). We hung out outside in the warm Autumn weather, enjoying our unseasonably warm evening all together.
Now it is late at night. We are full and tired and satisfied after a busy day. The Northern Lights are out once again, displaying a beautiful show for us. We are blessed indeed, and thankful all that we have.


  1. wow, and I thought my day was turning out bad yesterday. Glad you got it all together and it looked lovely. I missed you guys so much yesterday

  2. Blood and bruises are accessories on little boys much like a little purse and eye make-up (stolen from a mama's stash) are on little girls!

    And is that what I think it is? A smiling picture of Abby with no crazy face? How did that happen? heheheh

    Looks like it was a lovely day, even with the blood.

  3. I love all these pictures you got of our kids! And yes Kara, all that is needed to procure a good picture from Abby is present a cupcake, evidently!

  4. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving, lovely. xx


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