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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

sewing up a storm

 last year's Halloween costume getting some use ( I was still pregnant then!)

I have to be honest. I am so ready for Halloween to be over. I mean, yes, I am excited for the fun and festivities and dressing up (and treat eating), but really, my mind is set on Christmas, which really should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me. Let's face it, when there's snow on the ground and it reaches around -10 as your high for the day, how can your thoughts not go to Christmas?
This week I have been madly working away on Noah's Where the Wild Things Are monster costume. I have my heart set on us attending a large community Halloween party at the local sports complex and so the costumes need to be ready by the Saturday. Funny enough, my first set of Holiday Mini Sessions are happening this Saturday too, so as you can imagine, there will be a lot of things happening that day. Wish me luck. Think of me. I'm gonna be pretty frazzled I think.
Speaking of frazzled. I am trying to come up with ways to de-frazzle myself. Winter is here and I am finding myself already falling into bad winter behaviours. For one, I find myself wanting to eat sweets and fatty food all the time (that's evolution for you). Also, I'm also finding that I don't want to go outside into the cold as much and am therefore not getting the exercise that I need. All this can lead to one frazzled mama. So I decided to treat myself to a little online David's Tea shopping spree. I figure, tea is a low calorie treat that is good for me (hydrating) and something that also helps me to calm down (when feeling frazzled). Really, it's very exciting. I ordered flavours such as Banana Nut Bread, Toasted Marshmallow, and Long Life Oolong. I can't wait for my order to arrive.
So this week is all about gearing up for my busy day on Saturday where I will be doing a whopping 8 family photo sessions and also looking for ways to destress through it all. 
Hope you are having a lovely week.



  1. Ooh, those teas sound delicious. Now Im going to go put an order in with my birthday money, what fun!

  2. I just put in my order too with a large order of green and fruity for a certain husband who loves it. You are such a good mama making homemade costumes and it looks so good so far. I think they will get used quite a bit even when the holiday is over.

  3. Johanna, that is the absolute BEST costume EVER! I might just have to make myself an adult version next year, once I buy an Aussie sewing machine! And I'm right there with ya for christmas this year. Remember when we were both having trouble getting into the spirit, when you were in Vancouver? Not this year! Although I just found out I won't be able to leave Australia and visit my mother for I'll be spending it without my family....sigh....


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