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Monday, October 29, 2012


It feels like I haven't been here in a really long time, when in fact its just been less than a week. I think I just feel so busy with so many different things happening, that I just don't get to come here and settle into my little blog world.
For those who aren't familiar with blogging, it really is a whole little world. When you blog and visit blogs, you get a chance to get to know other people from around the world and you get to know them in a personal way. I've made very good friends through blogging and really appreciate the kindred spirits that I have made out there.
So a little update.
I finished off Noah and Katia's costumes just in time for the Halloween Spooktacular party that was held at our sports complex. They were such a hit and they looked so cute together, dressed up as the Monster and Max from Where the Wild Things Are. (Yes, Noah is still on the Where the Wild Things Are kick).
On saturday I had my first set of Holiday Mini Sessions and they went really well! It was so much fun to meet some new families from the community who came out to the event (and to see some more familiar faces too). The weather was a bit chilly, but it had just snowed and looked so pretty. I was very happy with how the pictures and day turned out. Next Saturday I am doing another full day of sessions and the weather is calling for warmer temps, yay!!!
The rest of the weekend was spent at home, doing small errands and a visit to a friend's house to carve our pumpkins. Halloween is right around the corner and despite my readiness for Christmas to come, I am excited for the Halloween festivities.
This year we will be participating in our neighbourhood Pumpkin Walk. For this celebration, all the families in the neighbourhood hide and light a carved pumpkin in the woods behind our house. We then place a few dozen homemade treats in a basket at each pumpkin and then the children are led through the forrest to find each pumpkin and their treats. I am making my Grandmother's famous sugar cookies....yum! It should  be fun!
Earlier in the day we will also attend a Halloween part taking place at Noah's preschool, I'm really looking forward to seeing all the children dressed up in their costumes, it should be very cute.
Of course I also plan on handing out treats to the little ones coming by. Mini pots of playdoh and stickers for kids who can't have treats and bags of potato chips for the kids that can.
And so that is what is going on around here lately! I hope everyone has a very spooky Halloween.
ps. Katia is now 11 months old (I still have to write her 10 month update). In one month I will have a one year old (sniff sniff). Tomorrow I am taking her to baby time at the library (just her and I), and I'm excited for it.

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