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Monday, October 29, 2012

ode to your 10th month

My dearest Katia,
You are now 11 months old and I didn't even get to write out your 10 month update. If that's any indication of how fast the days go by, I hope you'll understand.
Your 10th month here on this planet of ours was filled with all kinds of exciting things. You now say 4 words or sounds that we can identify. The first is "Mama" and you say that clear as day, which obviously makes me very happy. The second is "Dada", which makes your Daddy very happy also. The third is a sound that we've heard many times and we are certain is the sound you us for Noah, it sounds like "Ohhhhhha". And finally you say "Ya" all the time, as though you are answering a question. It;s very cute.
This past month one day while I was working in the kitchen, I turned around to find you standing for a whole 3 seconds. You seemed worried and scared, and I was very excited for you. It's only a matter of time before you are walking.
Also in the past month you have learned to go backwards down the stairs, an activity that you seem to really enjoy. This we felt, was important for you to learn how to do. Of course we don't ever leave you alone on the stairs, but we feel so much more assured now that you know what you are doing on those long staircases of ours.
A few other things that you continue to enjoy...
~ bath time. You no longer use your baby bath anymore and have joined Noah in the big bath. You take a bath together every night after dinner and it is so cute to watch you play together.
~ you continue to LOVE spaghetti for dinner. It's very cute to watch you eat it with the tomatoe sauce all over your fat cheeks.
~ you love cheese as a snack and blueberries too.
~ you love to come over and knock over Noah's blocks. This makes him mad sometimes. He has a lot of patience with you.
~ you LOVE to give hugs and I LOVE to receive them from you. It's the sweetest thing. You wrap your arms around me so tight and bury your face in my neck.
~ you continue to sleep well, snuggled right up next to me and I love it.
Happy 10 months my sweet sweet Katia. You are everything I could ever ask for in a daughter and more. You are so expressive and funny, and make us all laugh so much.


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