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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the night before

Tonight because it is the night before Halloween, I wanted to do bed time a little bit more special.
I brought our battery lit up pumpkin into our room while we read Halloween stories and did our Halloween puzzle. We listened to some nice music on songza (love that site!) and got excited about what all is going to happen tomorrow.
Over the past few years, I have been slowly collecting decorations, books and a Halloween puzzle. I keep it all in a box until we bring it out in October. It's really exciting to open up our box of goodies and to add in the holiday themed books to our bedtime/quite time routine. This year I've added quiet a few Halloween books to our collection and one special one in particular is called Georgie. It is an old out of print book that my mother used to read to me. I bought it used online and am so happy that it arrived before Halloween. In the book they say really cute old fashioned things like "likety split" or " a fine how do you do".... hehehehe. 
This year Noah is really getting the whole idea of Halloween and is pretty excited for his party at preschool tomorrow and  then the fun Pumpkin Walk at night and trick or treating. He is a little bit scared of the overly scary decorations that have been for sale in the stores, but for the most part, he likes happy looking decorations.
Just as we were excited to pull out our decorations, I'm going to be happy to put them away on November 1st. I plan on doing a deep clean of our house and a purge of stuff that has been accumulated as of late. After I do the clean up, then I will start to think about winter/Christmas decorating. Katia's birthday is in less than a month, so the tree won't be put up until after then ( I think ;o)
Happy Halloween!


  1. What a cute mom thing to do the night before!

  2. I can't believe Katia is turning 1 so soon...this is all going so so fast!
    I remember that book from childhood, thank's for the reminder!
    And I have 'Leaves' too, I love that book. I bought it on our trip to Cape Cod a few year back.
    Happy Halloween!!


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