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Sunday, September 16, 2012

weekend relaxing

This past weekend was a busy one for me. Photo sessions were booked for both Saturday and Sunday, and on Saturday night, I went to a girl's night in/craft night at my friend Leanne's house. It was so nice to see all the ladies out and to have some delicious food (and wine) with them, while crafting. Much needed.
In amongst the busyness, were some quiet, relaxing moments too. Like when I went for a hike with the two kids in the chariot and found many cranberry patches along the way. I tell you, picking those cranberries was so good for me. What a way to slow down and enjoy the moment. It was very meditative, especially as I had both little ones fast asleep. If you are ever looking for a way to decompress, I highly suggest berry picking. 
Another cozy moment was when we had a little campfire in our backyard after dinner. I bathed and dressed the children, as Winslow got the fire ready. We stayed outside in the last of the golden daylight, gazing at the fire, while Noah practised his bike skills. The smell of the woodsmoke and the feel of the cool breeze was a lovely way to wind down after the busy weekend we've all had. Despite the colder days that we've had, today had a bit of warmth in the air and so you better believe it I wore my Birks outside for the campfire.
Tomorrow is Monday and we'll be back to the hustle and bustle of the week. Noah is in preschool, Winslow will be back to work, but we'll continue to look forward to the moments that slow us down and help us to be present.

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