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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a day in the country

This morning Noah, Katia and I drove out to an organic produce farm to meet up with Noah's playschool group for a little field trip. It was an unseasonably warm, golden day and the colours of the yellow trees and colourful vegetables were a  feast for the eyes. We had the opportunity to walk along the garden beds and to pick fresh vegetables right out of the ground.
It took Noah a few moments to warm up the group setting, but soon enough, he was getting right in there, picking potatoes out of the earth and eating fresh snap peas right of the vine. He kept saying how much he enjoyed his peas. He looked so cute trundling along with his little basket in hand.
After the veggies were picked, farmer Mary and our teacher Susan washed them, and then Susan made a fresh salad for us. It was tasty! At the end of our time there, we got to take home some fresh potatoes, carrots of many colours (purple, yellow, orange) and a rutabaga.
On our way out, we stopped off at a sweet little coffee shop with some friends, out in the country. Hot chocolate out on the deck was the perfect way to end our lovely morning adventure.

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