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Friday, September 21, 2012

red, yellow, orange, gold

The leaves out our back window are the most beautiful golden yellow. The other day I pulled Noah up on to his bad and told him to look out his window (he has a great view from his room). I showed him the beautiful yellow leaves and told him the would begin to drop soon, and then the trees will be bare. I've been enjoying that I can talk about the season with him and that he is starting to understand this shift in nature.
One of my goals for this school year (not that Noah is in school yet), is to begin to learn about the seasons and to find ways to celebrate each one. I drafted a working list of ideas that we could work from, and so far, it's been so much fun.
For me, there is no better way to integrate an idea into our day to day life than to physically experience it. We've been getting out for lot's of nature walks, picking up beautiful leaves (which we've pressed in a book for some Autumn crafts), and making seasonal crafts. 
The other day we worked on making coffee filter Autumn leaves. I chose to only put out "Autumn" colours (no blues, greys, blacks ect), so that our leaves would have some unified colours. Once our filters had dried, I used a sharpie to draw out leaf shapes, cut them up and hung them in our front window for people passing by to enjoy (we also enjoy them too, the colours are so pretty when up in a window).
The other fall craft that we did was to grate some old crayons (again, we used Autumn colours) and to sandwich them between wax paper. We then covered the wax paper with an old towel and ironed the wax paper shut. I then used a sharpie to draw leaves and cut them out. They produced such deep and rich colours. 
I have to say, I've really been enjoying this Autumn so much. We've had such lovely days, where we really get to go out and enjoy it (it hasn't been too cold), and I've been having fun with Noah, watching him experience the season with new eyes. 
And how about you? Have you been getting crafty yet? Is the cooler weather making you spend more time indoors?

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  1. ooooh I love those craft ideas, I will for sure be doing those for our windows


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