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Friday, September 14, 2012


Leanne popped by just in time for a snugge

why yes that is my Autumn bunting up and on display  

I just love this beautifully illustrated seasonal book that my friend Marisa lent me

Today we were forced to slow down and rest. Both children are sick, and after a night of sniffles, crying, tummy aches and sleeplessness, I declared today to be a pyjama day. House chores were not done, we just took it easy, watching Netflix, reading stories, napping and eating warming foods like homemade apple sauce and chicken noodle soup.
While I ran back and forth between each child today, I somehow was able to see past the chaos of it all and realize that I am indeed blessed. There's nothing like two helpless children who only want their mama to remind you that being a mama is in fact, a very important job. Today, with the crying and demands and the snot and the vomit that covered me, I was reminded that I am needed and doing exactly what I was meant to be doing.
Something else happened today when we were house bound. I actually got to slow down and be present in my own home. Too many days are spent going from place to place, me worrying that Noah didn't get out (when in fact he loves to stay home and just be). So today I took the opportunity to take in the fall decorations that are up in the house (yes, that's right Sarah), and admire the bunch of bright yellow aspens in our backyard (the colour is just so pretty). Slowing down allowed for me to be observant and present in my surroundings, silly as it may sound, I need to do this more often.
And finally, after being house bound all day, I told Winslow that I was just going to go out for a short walk after dinner. As I got ready, my little Noah decided that he didn't want to leave my side and that he would come with me. So I layered him up with fleeces and blankets and got him all cozy in the chariot. I walked off towards the trails behind our neighbourhood, and found myself on a hunt for cranberries. I wandered around on little trails till I found a very mossy damp area and scouted out many little bushes. I only had Noah's rubber boots with me, so I grabbed one and started to fill it up. I came home feeling refreshed and with a small jar full (or toe of a boot full) of cranberries.
Happy days to you!

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