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Saturday, September 8, 2012

sweet sweet autumn

In just one week we went from sunny warm weather in the 20s (c), with green leaves on the trees, to cold wet windy weather and the leaves turning colour rapidly.
I grew up with the most beautiful Autumns in Eastern Ontario. The sugar maples would turn the most bright vibrant colours of red, orange and yellow. One of my favourite things to do in the Autumn was to go for a car ride in the countryside and view all of the trees turning colour.
The colours aren't quite the same here in the Yukon, but we still get a beautiful show of the birches and aspens turning yellow and orange, and for me (an artist at heart), I always delight in the beauty of the trees turning colour.
Another colour that we get is the red of the fireweed and berry bushes. Imagine seeing entire mountains looking like they are on fire because of the carpet of bushes. It's very pretty.
Autumn comes quickly here in the Yukon, and it leaves just as quickly too. One week ago we didn't have any colour in the trees, today there is snow on the mountains and a chill in the air. Autumn is short but sweet here in the Yukon and more than anywhere else, there is a need for warmth and comfort.
This past week we ate soups and stews for dinner. We all stayed in bed (together) this Saturday morning, feeling cozy and not wanting to leave our little nest. We are enjoying the move towards being indoors (Noah is such a homebody anyways). I am looking forward to the things we will do now that Autumn is here. Walks in the woods, cozying up on the couch to read stories, baking and crafting.
Happy Autumn dear friends.


  1. That first photo of Noah and a friend is SO beautiful!

  2. Sounds heavenly, and I always love seeing your autumn photos. :)
    I am so sorry I haven't written back yet, it is on my list!!
    Thinking of you!

  3. I miss Autumn in Ontario too. The ones in Kingston were so gorgeous. Here we get Autumn in spring, when the trees shed their dried leaves (which rarely turn the beautiful fall hues that they did there) to allow the new buds of spring to come through.


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