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Monday, September 3, 2012

happiness is...

I know I've been writing about how difficult this transition has been on all of us, but I do want to say that, despite the hard days, it feels good to be learning and growing as a mama and person. 
It's good to realize that we all have limitations, and that we shouldn't have to do it all. 
I am going to embrace this new season in our life. Autumn is just around the corner and I have this abundance of time with my two littles. What a gift! 
While I am trying not to be too busy these days, I am excited for the simple things that we can do at home, like bake and make crafts and go for walks and learn about the new season that is upon us. 
I got excited last night as I made a list of Autumn activities that I plan on doing with Noah.
Some of the things include:
~ going on nature walks
~ collecting leaves
~ making leaf rubbings
~ going to the library to take out books that are about Autumn
~ bake Autumn sugar cookies and decorate them
~ pick berries
~ make autumn coloured sun catchers
~ make an Autumn sensory bin for Noah (one of the many ideas out there)

Are you getting excited for Autumn?

Noah showing mama how to slow things down a bit 

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