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Sunday, September 2, 2012

learning to say no

 arctic poppies...outside my house!!!! I love poppies!!!!

 looking a bit tired I'd say

I did something really big the other day. To some, it might not seem big, but for me it was. I decided to cancel my scheduled toddler art group this coming Tuesday. After the week we just had, I knew that right now is a time that I need to be focussing on my family, and so I decided that I needed to simplify where I could.Those that know me well, know that I have a hard time saying no. I tend to fill my plate up with social commitments, for reasons I'm sure that stem from not wanting to be left out or feel left behind. I do this to myself and then I get upset with myself for piling things up too high. Right now, I am working on saying "no", and it's hard.
I say it all the time, "I need to simplify", but I really don't take it to heart. Lately with Winslow going back to work and myself working part time as a photographer, I feel like there is very little breathing room in our day to day schedule. I know that I am going to burn out if I don't start to slow things down a bit, so I have decided that I am going to cut back on my commitments and only take on extra things if I know that I really want to do them. This might all seem very obvious to some, but it is something that I need to learn how to do.
On Saturday, I caught myself thinking about filling up our "empty" afternoon with a dinner date with friends, and then I stopped myself in my tracks. Why do I feel this need to always be busy? There is nothing wrong with an "empty" afternoon. Embrace it!
And so, now that I am quipped with this new daily mind set, I just need to work on applying it to my real life. Slow is good. Less is more. I'm going to keep telling myself this until I finally really "get it".


  1. smart girl, it's healthy to take some you time just for you and it's good for your family to learn how to enjoy down time with no plans. Next wild step for you, pj day until noon!!


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