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Monday, September 10, 2012

our first day

Today was Noah's first day at his preschool and I think it's safe to say that we both had the jitters about it.
Leading up to the first day, we would casually drop the idea of Chickadees to Noah and he seemed to give a positive response to the idea, but yesterday when I told him that he would be going to his first day of preschool he told me that he didn't want to go (a normal reaction from Noah), so I dropped the topic.
Last night after the children went down for the night, I prepared what I could so that our morning would go smoothly. I made up Noah a special snack that he would take with him and laid out his and Katia's clothes for the morning.
This morning I woke up after getting not enough sleep and proceeded to get ourselves ready. I prepared Noah a breakfast full of protein (important for the brain in terms of focussing) and I double checked that we had everything we would need for his first day. Show and tell item? Check. New lunch bag? Check. Indoor shoes? Check. Nerves in check? Not so much.
I got Katia ready, then myself and then Noah last. I washed his face checking him over, making sure he was all ready for his first day. I've been learning lately that it takes coordination getting everyone ready and out the door for a certain time and I'm happy to say that I managed to get us there on time.
I wasn't sure how Noah was going to do this morning, but in my heart I knew that he was ready for this and that he would enjoy it. We drove over to our church (the preschool is non-denominational, just in the basement of our church), and I tried to explain to Noah that we were going to go and see his friends. He seemed to like that idea.
When we arrived he started to show some signs of nervousness. I assured him that Katia and I were going with him, he begged for his soo-soo and I distracted him enough so that we left it in the car.
Inside, the playschool was bustling with children and activity. Costumes, a play kitchen, a construction climber, a trampoline... so many thing for Noah to do! He wasn't so sure what to do at first, so I helped him put his inside shoes on and put his things away, then we joined in with a few activities. It wasn't long before Noah was playing with a little boy that he had never met before.
This isn't Noah's first experience in a learning setting where there is routine and group activities, but it is his first time going to a place where he will be on his own. Noah has 4 friends who he knows in the group and as I mentioned, he already started to play with another boy there too.
The funny thing about today is that I didn't have any panicky feelings (nerves maybe) about him starting this new chapter in his life, I knew that he was ready for this. This is the perfect transition for Noah in his educational journey. It's only twice a week for 2 hours a day, a perfect introduction into this whole new world for Noah.
The good news is that I even managed to sneak out for about an hour. When I came back from my coffee/window shopping/walk with another mama from the group, I found Noah sitting down with his friends listening to his teacher reading a story. He had survived, was happy and so was I.
On our way home I asked Noah if he had had fun and he said yes! I told him that I was so proud of him for going to preschool and then he said "I'm so proud of you". "Really? What for? " I said. He said, "Because I love you so so so much". Well okay, it doesn't make sense but I'll take it.
This afternoon after nap time, I had a special treat waiting for Noah to celebrate his first day at preschool. Homemade sugar cookies, just like my Ganya (Grandmother) makes. I let him roll out the dough, cut the cookies (he chose pumpkin cutters) and then decorate them with icing. With some snow blowing around in the chilly Autumn air, I felt happy and content. A perfect way to end our first day.

hey, where's my cookie?


  1. good job Noah, you are a smart and wonderful little boy and I know you will always find lots of friends and fun wherever you go. Good for you too mama, I know it's a different world for you as a stay-at-home mom letting go of her baby for the first time. Congrats on making it there on time!

    1. hahaah! yes, my biggest feat this morning was getting there on time! Thanks Carol-Ann! xox

  2. Perfect!

    Enjoy your fours a week having some girly time with your wee-girl!.


    1. Thanks Kara! Yes, Katia and I are going to take full advantage!

  3. Wow, what a big day! When he told you that is proud because he loves you, I actually had tears in my eyes. :)
    It's going to be a great year.


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