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Sunday, August 26, 2012

katia at 8 months

Katia turns 9 months old in just a few days, but I still need to write 8 month update. Life is busy with two little ones and our days seem to just fly by, but still, I want to get it all down.
At 8 months, Katia is such a busy and curious little girl, partly due to the fact that she has a pretty busy brother to follow around all day. Katia spends her days playing along side her brother and discovering new things in her surroundings.
More recently I've noticed that she really interacts with her big brother, which I think is really cute. She doesn't obviously "get" everything that Noah tells her, but she loves to follow him around and see what he is doing. He does a good job at telling her what to do and what they are playing.
One of Katia's big 8 month milestones is that she can now pull herself up to stand and she can cruise around on furniture. She even stood on her own for a whole 2 seconds not too long ago. Im telling you, she'll be walking before her first birthday.
At 8 months old, Katia loves to follow her big brother, cuddle with her Daddy and be held by her mama. She is very curious about the world around her and goes "exploring" around the house. She has mastered the "pinch" and eats mostly small bits of food (hardly any pureed food). She loves to play with toys and has a baby doll that she loves to cuddle and kiss. Katia is my sweet sweet girl who is just happy to come along for the ride (sometimes... she actually hates the car). She's a happy girl because she fits right into our little family and knows that she is loved by us all.
We love you so much baby girl. You make us smile everyday... thank you.

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