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Friday, August 24, 2012

just around the bend

Fall is just around the bend here. You can feel it in the chilly evenings and crisp mornings. You can see it, the leaves are just starting to turn in some spots, the sky turns dark at 10pm. I love fall the most out of any season. It is pleasant and colourful and it gives us permission to slow things down after a busy summer.
Lately we've been taking advantage of the last days of summer. Any opportunity that comes our way means a walk on the trails behind our community, a stroll down to the neighbourhood berry patch, or a playdate at the park.
Last night we had Sarah and Abby over for an after dinner bonfire. It was just warm enough to be outside for an hour or so, but cool enough that the children wore their warm jammies. I love having bonfires in our backyard.
This past week I held my second toddler art group. It was a small group, just Noah and Abby, but it seemed to go really well I thought. We read the Hungry Caterpillar (Eric Carle) and made coffee filter butterflies as well as we blew bubbles and made prints from the bubbles. As always, I learn something each week (what worked/what didn't), and I'm looking forward to holding it again next week.
I'm looking forward to welcoming September soon. With Winslow back to work now, I feel the need to slow down, simplify and take our days easily. I'm finding my footing once again as a stay at home mama (with no hubby on his work days), and I like it. Meals have been made in the crock pot and our daily rhythm is beginning to come back.
Happy weekend friends. I think there are muffins in our Saturday plans...and maybe a parkdate....and definitely coffee.


  1. Loved this update...We have the first yellow leaves here too now, it seems really early this year! But you don't hear me complaining. :-)
    I love that last photo of Noah. We're thinking of getting one of those bugs he is riding on for Rafael.

  2. As always, these are amazingly beautiful photos!! It is "spring is just around the corner" here in Australia, and I can definitely feel it affecting my moods in a good way! xxx

    1. Spring! Oh it's amazing how opposite we are! Miss you lot's Lisa! xox


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