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Friday, July 6, 2012

play time

 everyone say "Gak"!!!!!

 meanwhile baby sister was practicing her crawling 

 rain rain go away! 

Our summer has consistently been chilly and wet this year. When you live up North where the winters are long, dark and cold, you really come to look forward to summer and I think it is safe to say that we feel a wee bit cheated about the lack of summer happening here. Summer is looked upon as a much needed break from the long winters. The sun and warmth are celebrated, savoured and enjoyed. So lately I've been feeling jaded about this wet soggy summer.  It's true.
On one rainy morning this past week, we decided to stay in and make a craft. I had wanted to make GAK for a long time and it seemed like the perfect morning to do it. We make and play with a lot of play-doh, but I thought it would be fun to switch it up... and it was! Noah loved making it with me in the mixing bowl and then he spent a good hour and a half playing with it.
And while big brother was entertained with his GAK, little sister took it upon herself to practice her crawling. Yup, every chance she gets these days are spent practicing her crawling. She is getting quite good at it and can move herself around a fair bit.
So if you happen to be having a bunch of rainy days, or perhaps you are on the other spectrum and it's too hot for you to go outside (if that's you, then I'm jealous), try out this recipe. It's a sure way to entertain little ones for a chunk of time, and it lasts if you keep it in a tupperware.


2 4oz bottles of white school glue
1 teaspoon of Borax (found in the laundry section) 
food colouring 

-Empty the white glue into a large mixing bowl (both bottles). 
-Stir in your food colouring.
-In a separate bowl mix appox. 1/2 a cup of water with the teaspoon of Borax
-Stir in the water/Borax mixture into the glue. Stir stir stir.
-Get your kids to use their hands to mix it. This is messy at first until it starts to form a large mound.
-Take your GAK to a play surface and have fun cutting it, rolling it, bouncing it, squishing it....


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  1. fun! This is on my list for winter activities. Hooray for Katia, way to go with the crawling


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