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Saturday, July 7, 2012

7 months along

Dearest Katia,
You are now 7 months old and everyday you are changing and growing. You do all kinds of new things like crawling and eating new foods, and you love to laugh along with us throughout the day.
I am proud of every little thing you do and you make my heart sing with your beautiful smile.
Sometimes I catch myself wishing that time could slow down. I catch glimpses of you in the mirror sometimes and see a big girl in my arms, not the teeny tiny baby  you once were. It's bittersweet this whole baby thing you know. As a mama, I want nothing more than for you to grow big and strong and I celebrate every milestone your reach, but on the other side of it all, I miss those days where you were so small and helpless. Please don't get me wrong, I'm proud of how much you are learning and growing, I just wish there was a way to savour these moments and remember them clearly. I suppose that's what photos and blogs are good for.
Sweet baby of mine. At 7 months you are such a sweet little girl and we all love you so very much.
You impress us all with your determination to master new skills and you have won us all over with your charming sweet little self. Thank you for making my life so happy little one. I love you. 

At 7 months you are ...

:: learning to master the skill of crawling. You get up on your hands, knees and feet and rock back and forth. You make little movements forward and inch yourself closer to what it is that you want.

:: you are eating new foods. Cheese (grated), baby crackers, small cut up boiled veggies and soft fruit, shredded meat, mashed egg yolks, chicken soup. You love love love to eat. Which doesn't surprise me because everyone in our family loves to eat.

:: love to go for walks in the chariot, go the park and swing on the swings, be outside. I just love watching you take in your surroundings. We are very lucky to live in a part of town where there are plenty of trees and beautiful wild plants to look at. I love watching you take in the trees, the sky, the flowers and feel the wind on your face.

:: you love our daily family rhythm. You seem so happy to just go along and be with us. You enjoy sitting at your highchair when we sit at the table, you love to play with your big brother, you are happy when it's bath time at the end of the day.

:: you continue to be vocal and use the words "mama" and "dada" daily.

We all love you so much sweet girl.


  1. Oh, I got misty-eyed. It's so bittersweet, this thing called growing up. Your Katia is such a sweet soul!!

  2. She is so loved, what a lucky girl.


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