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Monday, July 9, 2012

happy 4th

This comes a little late, but I wanted to recount the adventure we took on the 4th of July.
On the 4th of July we decided to make a little day of it and head down to Skagway Alaska, which is about 2hrs away from us. Skagway is a sweet little town that is best known for it's port where giant Alaskan cruise ships dock and for it's touristy shops. But if you live close enough to Skagway like we do, you get to see another side of the little town... and it's very nice.
Skagway is known as Alaska's garden town. Here you'll find lot's of lovely gardens all over the place. Skagway has a bit of a warmer climate than what we have in Whitehorse, and it is also less dry, so I find that the gardens tend to be more lush and full. It's lovely.
So on the 4th of July we packed up the car and brought along our friends Leanne, Sunny and Evey and went down to celebrate. A few weeks earlier, I coaxed Winslow into marching for the Independence Day parade, so it was really special for us all to go and watch Winslow and his colleagues march in the parade. Our police force and the Alaskan State Troopers have a special friendship that goes way back, so it was nice for our guys to go down and put on a show for the celebrations.
After the parade we made our way to a pub for lunch. We joined up with some other friends which was nice. After lunch we did a bit of walking, ice cream eating and then we found ourselves at a nearby park where we let the kids play for a while.
At one point I took off for a little walk with Noah (Winslow had Katia) and we wandered behind the park. There we found a beautiful stream and field full of wild flowers. When I saw this field and stream I just knew that I wanted to take the other kids over there to explore and to take a few pictures of them. I think finding the stream and field of flowers just might have been my favourite part of the day. It was so lovely to watch them play in the clovers, pick the wild flowers and watch the stream run by.
To me there is nothing sweeter than watching little children get completely absorbed in spending time outdoors. To see them explore, play, frolick, wander, investigate .... it is such a joy!
Hope you are enjoying your summer days.
ps. yes the kids were wearing fleeces and even a winter coat. It was that chilly/windy for most of the day. I'm telling you, we've had hardly any summer here :O(


  1. One of these days I'd love to visit Alaska. I was a huge fan of Northern Exposure back in the day... {I know! It was filmed in Washington state}

    1. Erin, before we found out that we were moving up here to the Yukon, I would've never imagined that we'd ever go to Alaska! I feel so lucky that we get to see these places!

  2. WONDERFUL pictures, sweet friend! I love the one of Noah and Katia in the clover!


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