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Monday, July 2, 2012

oh Canada!

Happy July friends! On July 1st we celebrated Canada Day and as always, it was a fun day!
Growing up in the nation's capital, I have fond memories of celebrating the birth of our country and it makes me so happy to be able to pass those memories on to my little ones.
Our Canada Day included:
:: watching Daddy march in the parade, ahhh those scarlet uniforms... swoon!
:: having lots of tourists take pictures of Winslow in his uniform
:: going to the celebrations downtown
:: a little boy who "got it" this year. He loved wishing everyone a "Happy Canada Day!"
:: having some neighbourhood friends come over for a bbq.... there were so many little ones!
:: cupcakes, rice crispy treats... sugar highs!
:: red and white on everyone
:: face painting, kids hockey, bubbles, sparklers
Wishing you and yours a happy summer!


  1. omg, katia is beautiful! love her in the mountie hat! and the family shot is great! looks like a lovely day! glad you weren't rained out in the end! xo


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