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Friday, June 29, 2012

adventuring with the fam

campfire bannock for breakfast 

If I had to choose a word that went along with our summer of 2012, I think it would be adventure. For me there is no better way than to make the ordinary feel more extraordinary. So recently, while on my " we must make the most of our summer" kick, I told Winslow that we need to go camping.
Camping with little ones may not be at the top of everyone's "must do" list. It can be daunting, all the packing and planning, but having done it a few times now, I can attest to how much fun it is and how little ones really do enjoy it.
We had plans to stay at Lake Kusawa for 2 nights, but unfortunately due to pretty cold temperatures and gusty winds, we cut our trip short to one night. Still, despite our trip being shortened, we had a wonderful time together, being outside in the great outdoors.
We built up a big fire and brought along a mini stove to cook on. We ate our dinner at the picnic table that I placed a jar of fireweed flowers at and enjoyed a meal of  sausages, peppers, potatoes and onions. Before we left for the trip I cut everything up and wrapped it up in tinfoil, so it was easy to cook and eat. For dessert we had smores of course!
A few things that I think are a must have for camping with little ones...
 :: plenty of warms clothes and blankets, especially warm pyjamas and socks
 :: something to do if it is too cold to be outdoors the whole time. Books to read, playdoh or something to colour.
 :: warm drinks to have. This may have been Noah's favourite part.... HOT CHOCOLATE!!!! I enjoyed my Starbucks instant coffee.
 :: lots of yummy snacks and favourite foods
 :: bring lots of drinkable water for drinking, teeth brushing ect. Better to have too much than not enough.
 :: a tarp or play pen to put baby into or on so that they don't spend the whole time eating rocks and pine needles. Katia is at the perfect stage where she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. Handfuls of sand at the beach, rocks, pine needles, you name it! Having somewhere safe to put her is essential, because as much as I love to hold her and carry her, sometimes I need a break too.
 :: a carrier for baby. A sling, an ergo.... it helps.
 :: a good walking stroller. Our 2 seater Chariot stroller was a great thing to have. With a good fitting bug net over it, it was a safe place for Katia to sleep while we all hung out.
And so that was how our first camping trip as a family of 4 went. At the beginning of August we are borrowing our neighbour's old Bowler camper (small, only 15 ft) and we are hitching it to our car and go off to Juneau Alaska.  We plan on camping at the Mendenhal State campground for about 3 nights. It is only accessible by ferry and I am so so so excited to go there. Apparently you can see whales on the ferry ride there! 
Camping is definitely one of the best ways to "get away"with a family. It is affordable and can be easy if you keep things simple. My suggestion for people with young kids is to find a place that is family friendly. Where we went there were outhouses and even a playground for kids. There was a beach nearby where Noah could dig and play, so he had many things to do to keep him busy and entertained. 
Get out there and enjoy it!



  1. Looks like so much fun. We haven't taken the baby yet but I think this summer is going to be her first trip.

    1. it's so worth it! I used to love camping as a little girl. :O)

  2. That looks like so much fun! And you look so happy and brown. :)

    1. yes, it may be cold, but we have our midnight sun to make us tan :O) xox


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