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Monday, June 25, 2012

happy days

Summer has finally made her way to the Yukon and that means one thing and one thing only....get outside and enjoy it!
We've been making the most of our warm sunny days by doing all kinds of summery things. Eating out on our back deck, hitting up the Carcross beach, going to lunch time music festivals, visiting with neighbours, trips to the Farmer's Market, eating ice cream and drinking cold beer (for Mama and Dada). ... everything just feels more like an adventure in the summertime. All we need is some warm sunny weather,  good tunes to listen to and our basket filled with summer necessities like water, sunglasses, sand toys (for the beach or park). I like to feel that sense of adventure, even if we are only heading out to the park around the corner.
It's starting to hit me that Winslow will be returning to work soon and I really want to make the most of our time together. There are things that we'd really like to do before he heads back to work such as go camping and take a trip to the capital of Alaska, Juneau. I'm also taking advantage of him being here and am trying to get out on my own from time to time. I've been busy with lot's of photo sessions lately, which of course, is always nice. 
Out of the four seasons I've always liked autumn the best. The colours, the temperature, the tastes and smells all agree with me, and I think it will always be that way, but I do have to say that I am really learning to love what summer brings to the table. Outdoors days, open windows, adventures, breezes coming through the house, the smell of sunscreen on my babies, delicious fresh seasonal food ... autumn, you may just have a new contender. 
Hoping that your days are full of summery fun too!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos! x

  2. These photos are lovely, as always. Summer is still eluding us here in Victoria... but fingers crossed it arrives soon! I am sooo ready for it.

  3. Breathtaking beauty! The places and the people as well. :)
    Enjoy your summer, every drop of it! I know how much you deserve it up there in YT.

  4. your family is beautiful. happy yukon summer!

  5. What a beautiful family and beautiful landscapes!!!
    Lucky you. Here in Italy is way too hot now :(

    1. thank you Liseli! I'd love to go back to Italy some day. I've been there once and miss it so much. My granparents from my father's side were from Terviso Italy.

    2. You are welcome!
      So you and your children are also a bit Italian... Nice :)
      I hope to visit Canada someday.


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