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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1 a month

Last Saturday was Winslow's and my 5 year wedding anniversary and I spent quite some time thinking about what I would give/make him for his gift.
We don't usually give gifts on our anniversary, usually just a card and some flowers will do, but this year seeing as it's our 5 year anniversary, we agreed to give each other a little something.
So after looking around the internet and racking my brain for what to do, I decided that I would pre-organize (plan, buy ect) 12 dates for us to enjoy together over the next year.
Because I had to plan 12 dates, I tried to think of ideas that wouldn't cost too much and that could be done easily. With two little ones under 3, it can be hard to arrange babysitters and to get out of the house alone, so some of the dates are "date night at home" ideas too. The idea is not to be too fancy with the dates, but just to intentionally carve out some time once a month just for us.
So first, I started by going out and buying some gift cards to a local coffee shop that makes delicious desserts, to Starbucks, an itunes card (for movie rentals at home), the movie theatre, and the hot springs. Then I made 12 separate cards for each month that describes what each date will entail. I put each card and gift card into an envelope and sealed it so that he can only open them once a month. Some dates involve us getting a babysitter and going out (to the movies, out for coffee, to the hot springs ect), while other dates include a theme like a foreign film and dinner to go with it. They aren't fancy, just something fun for us to do.

Hope you enjoy this idea. Maybe it will inspire you to make a gift that gives something year round.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I love the little cards you made to go along with each date.

    Alan and I have our 10th wedding anniversary next week! TENTH! Crazy. I have no idea what I'm going to do for him yet. I'd better get on that, huh?

    Happy 5th to you and Winslow!

  2. I LOVE this idea! Wow, thanks for sharing it! I just might have to give this to Ramon for his birthday next week.
    Let us know how you enjoy your dates. :)


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