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Thursday, July 26, 2012

sunny days

It's summer here in Whitehorse and I (as well as the rest of the city) am out there enjoying every bit of warmth, sunshine and daylight that there is. It's short but sweet, our summer here in the Yukon, and there really is no other way to enjoy it than to be outdoors.
Some summer things around our place.... 
~ well, I guess you know its summertime when a bear goes rummaging through your compost bin. Yup, we were notified that a cinnamon black bear was out in front of our house this morning. We didn't see it, but our neighbours did and tried to scare it off. 
~Tiny wild strawberries. They are so small, but so sweet. I like to show Noah where they are and to go looking for them. It's a fun little lesson in wild food foraging. 
~Our backyard plans are coming along. Winslow has built the most beautiful adirondack chairs and soon they will be circling a fire pit in our back yard, yipee! I want to do a bonfire party at our place soon! Smores anyone?
~ Trips to the library. Okay, so this one isn't exactly an outdoor activity, but who doesn't remember hanging out in the local library in the summer. Lately, Noah and I have been going to the library together (just him and I) for a little date. We take out some new movies and books and spend a bit of time looking around. I love that he is getting to an age where he enjoys this type of outing and where he can play independently for a while while I look for new books.
~ The Royal Canadian Air Force air show... awesome! We got to go on one of the force's biggest planes, a Hercules. It was this massive dark grey plane that can seat like 80 people, or a helicopter or vehicles. Also the Snowbirds preformed.... how people can master a skill like that amazes me. Such precision and focus!
Winslow is back to work in just 3 short weeks, and after having him home for the last 9 months, I just know that we are all going to miss him very very much.
These last 9 months have been pretty special for all of us. Its been such a blessing for us to have had this time together to build on our family traditions, like going to church together, eating and cooking our meals together, traveling ect. I know that once Winslow returns to work, things will be quite different.
I'll be settling into my role as the sole stay at home parent and will be focusing on finding our family's rhythm and balance. I have big plans and goals for the fall and am getting excited for them, but in the meantime, just for these last 3 weeks while Winslow is still off, it is summer and we will be taking full advantage. A trip to Juneau Alaska, Noah's birthday, our 5 year anniversary. There's lots to do and celebrate and that's just what we plan on doing.
Happy days to you and yours!


  1. glad summer has hit! pls. send me the plans for your adirondack chairs! i've been seriously thinking about making some! xo

  2. What a great summer. Happy, happy anniversary!

  3. Oh gosh, Noah's such a little boy now! Wow! So handsome.

  4. SO wonderful!
    I love the picture of you and Katia. xoxo
    Curious to hear about your autumn plans...I am aching for autumn...
    But I know you have to soak up all the sun you can get up there in the YT!
    Love to you,


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