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Sunday, May 20, 2012

gratitude on a Sunday

Thankful for today...
 a lovely church service with just the right message that I needed to hear today... having the windows open, letting the fresh Yukon air sweep through the house, hearing the birds outside ... our day trip yesterday to Alaska, I can't even begin to explain just how amazingly beautiful it is there, it's beyond words ... the feeling I have when I bake something yummy for the family to share. I feel like I am nurturing them, like I am creating something ... a quick phone call to check in with my grandmother (her back is hurting her today which makes me sad) ...  a sleeping baby next to me ... a happy toddler boy who wants to show us his new tricks.
Happy Sunday. Today we are resting, taking it easy and might venture outside to do some gardening. First I need some tea.

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