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Thursday, May 17, 2012

childhood memories for noah

My little guy continues to amaze me everyday. I must say, this stage of Noah's life really is fun. We still get some upset behaviour from time to time, but for the most part, Noah is a pretty easy going and content little guy.
Today was just an ordinary day, but lately the ordinary days are the ones that seem to be catching me off guard. Today my little guy talked away about all kinds of interesting things, decided that he would like to have his breakfast picnic style on the floor in a pool of sunlight and proudly helped me make and cook dinner. Noah will be three years old this summer, and everyday, I am seeing my little boy change and grow.
The other day, I spent about an hour hanging out with Noah in his room. Just him and I. While we were in there, we played with blocks, making towers (and crashing them down), played with trains, and I also just sat back and observed my little boy. The stories he had, the non-stop chit chat about what he was doing, the laughter and silliness that he displayed, it all made me so happy. I tried so hard to soak it all in. To file it away in my many memories for some later date when I 'll need a pick me up.
This is such an important time in his life and I am reminded of that daily. My friend Roxy (who is a kindergarden teacher in Ottawa) and I were talking about just how important these formative years are to a little one, and how play is such an important component of childhood. She told me about the new trends and research that has been done, showing that play is so important to a child's development and that it mustn't be interfered with. I was thinking about that as I sat back and watched Noah play that afternoon.
My little boy is taking in so much these days. I am trying to remind myself that Noah is learning all the time. The the most simple of tasks, such as him helping make dinner, is actually quite important for him.  As always, I am amazed by this little boy, and grateful that I get to spend my days with him.

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  1. Hurray for PLAY!!

    A member of RPAY was out here a few months ago and talked to parents about the importance of non-structured play time for kids under 5. Exactly how are raising our boys.

    Sounds like a lovely day!


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