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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

being home

 glittering tea from David's Tea ... I'm in love

Being home has been lovely. We've been able to slow down, have more quiet time, sit around and take in our surroundings. It's been nice.
I'm the type of person that likes things to be loud and social, but I also need things to be quiet and slow to balance it out. When we go home to visit family, we are greeted with busy households, children running around, laughing and playing, people cooking and talking. It is like a constant party, where the fun never stops. And I do enjoy it, but I also need my quiet and solitude. My time to slow down, drink tea and collect my thoughts. Time to just take in what is going on around me, at my own pace. Home is where I find that safe place. I've come to feel that our home is a protective place, away from the outside world, safe and secure. I missed our home while we were away and I'm enjoying being back here.
Mother's Day was just yesterday and it was such a wonderful day. I got to sleep in and coffee with a junky magazine (People) was brought to me in bed. Hubby worked away in the kitchen to prepare me my favourite breakfast. Eggs benny with spinach, bacon on the side and heart shaped strawberries....swoon...I married the right guy. Some lovely gifts were given to me and some sunny yellow flowers were waiting at the breakfast table.
The rest of the day went like this... walk along the millennium trail (ran into hundreds of runners doing the Walk for Mom...hmmm maybe next year), went to the Takhini Hot Springs (ahhhhh bliss), had Noah helped me make pesto/brushetta/chicken pizza~yum!, read my book in silence while eating a molten lava chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream~double yum...while the kids were both asleep.
Happy things as of late...Yesterday we found Noah feeding (breast feeding) his baby monkey and it was so cute. He had his shirt lifted up so that his monkey could eat.
Oh and Katia has been a little gem lately. Happy, easy going, dare I say, a completely different baby then when we were back home. Hmmmmmmm.
Other happy things... our new art in our living room. We picked up these prints when in Seattle and bought the frames at IKEA. Then we had to package them up and send them here as extra baggage. You should of seen us with our 7 bags/boxes of goodies that we were bringing back home! It took us 2 cars to get to the airport!
Oh and one last happy things... dance parties in the kitchen, while listening to CBC Radio 2 Drive, while drinking beer and making burgers and homemade fries. If that isn't "happiness" then I don't know what is.

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