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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It seems my blog posts are few and far between these days. Perhaps it's the warmer weather we have now, got to take advantage of that. Perhaps it's that two little ones take up so much of my time, it could be that too. Regardless, I miss blogging and enjoy coming back here when I can to fill in the blanks and put my memories down on paper, or computer screen I guess. Please don't mind the randomness of this post.
We've been up to a whole lot of just regular things. Park dates are pretty much where it's at these days.
In the Yukon, our winters are harsh and long, so when spring/summer come along, we have to take full advantage because it only lasts a few short months before the frost comes back.
Lately we've been doing a lot of hanging out with friends, working on the house, eating lunch on our back deck and gardening. You know, spring/summer things. It's been so nice. Our food choices have been very summery as of late, BBQ, all kinds of salads, corn on the cob, popsicles and drinking yummy drinks.
Right now we are coming up to the height of the midnight sun. As it is every year, I still can't get used to it. Katia has been waking up lately at 2:30 in the morning, thinking that it is day time. Yes, we do have black out curtains, but if there is a faint slit of light coming through, it throws her off. It throws me off too actually.
In other news, I now am the proud owner of a 6 month old. Yes, Katia is now 6 months old. Where oh where did that time go? I intend on writing a proper 6 month update on her soon. She can do so many new things!
Lastly, I just wanted to write down that I've been enjoying going to church so much lately. I had the chance to go one week with just Katia, which was really nice because I was able to sit there and have a fairly uninterrupted hour to myself of just reflecting. I am so grateful that I belong to this very very special and unique church. It took a long time of looking for a church before I found this one, but boy am I happy that we found it. Our church is such a welcoming mix of younger and older people. I get the feeling that people genuinely care for one another and that everyone, yes absolutely everyone is welcome at our church. Whether you are poor or rich, black-white-purple-green, gay or straight or anything in-between, a believer or questioner, you are welcome at our church. Whether you need some help through a rough time or you want a church family to celebrate with you...this is such a place of acceptance and love. For more about my church, see here.
Hope you are all doing wonderfully (for anyone who still reads my blog).
ps. for those interested in the toy that Noah and Katia are playing with in the first photo, it is a vintage Fisher Price Activity Center. I started collecting vintage Fisher Price toys when I was pregnant with Noah. I'm still on the hunt for an original record player (not the new replica ones) but I refuse to go on to Ebay and buy it... I want the thrill of finding one at a thrift shop. I know it will be hard to find, as they are less and less common and more popular these days....but one can hope right? Here is my full collection.


  1. Lovely to catch up with your news and to see such great photos of your beautiful children. Sounds like you have found the best kind of church:)

  2. We have the original record player, my mother in law kept theirs. Ez loves playing with it. I can't believe it still works and isn't chipped or cracked in anyway! They really used to know how to build quality toys back then!!

  3. "I refuse to go on to Ebay and buy it... I want the thrill of finding one at a thrift shop"



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