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Monday, April 30, 2012

home sweet home

It's funny how things can go from good to bad and then back to good again. I'd say that's how I've been feeling lately. Happy to be here, yet ready to go home. Excited to do fun things, yet tired and ready to slow down. Sometimes I feel at home here, sometimes I feel at home in Whitehorse.
Our time is slowly coming to an end here in Ottawa. We have just over one week left and then we will be heading back home to Whitehorse. It's been good to be here for so long, but it will be good to get back to our home and day to day living. I'm ready for it.
We've been away for nearly 5 weeks now and it feels like we've been gone for such a long time. Katia has changed a lot since we've been gone. We left Whitehorse on March 28th when she turned 4 months old and just yesterday she turned 5 months old! A lot happens to a little one in 1 month. I'll be doing a Katia update soon.
Today we threw a surprise birthday party for my Dad who will be turning 70 in June. We wanted to do the party while I was here so that we could celebrate this milestone birthday with him. My sister Sarah was supposed to be there too but couldn't make it, coming all the way from the NWT. We missed her a great deal.
It was a lovely afternoon, and went off really well I must say. We had a trivia game about our Dad and presented him with a book that contained special memories, messages and photos from his family and friends. My Dad is a pretty cool guy I must say. He still plays hockey 3 times a week, goes on a annual canoe trip each summer and is generally a really active adventurous guy! I think he really enjoyed his day.
It was fun for us but hard too, as my sister and I both had our little ones there. At one point Katia was crying and on the verge of "losing it". It was so loud and hot in there, I could just tell that she was finished with being there. So I had to find a spot to nurse her and boy was I ever relieved once I was able to nurse her. Any other mamas out there know that feeling of instant relief once your babe latches on and starts to nurse. Prior to that I was so worried about getting her settled and then, ahhhhhhh, instant relief.
And that's about here for now. We are off to Montreal tomorrow for a very short trip to see our friends Eugenia and Irvine (plus kiddos!). I'm so so so excited to see them all :O)
Some pics from our time here with our family.

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