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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


 I might not have a lot to say in terms of exciting news or stories, yet still, I really do feel like the little things that have been happening lately are worth writing down.
We are still in Ottawa and are enjoying out time back home. We've been doing a lot of visiting with  friends and also a lot of just hanging out at home with family.
It's been nice to be back in the "big city" and to do "big city" things. Shopping, eating out at restaurants we don't have back home, movies ... it will be hard but also nice to get back to our more simple life in the North in a few weeks.
Here are some recent pics of us hanging out at home. Watching hockey games on TV, Noah being silly (by wearing a water diaper on his head), lounging around in our pjs.... just taking it slow and relaxing.
I'm off to bed for now ... more exciting adventures await us tomorrow.

He's really gonna like me for this one someday. 

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  1. I love these little moments. Your pictures of Katia and Noah together are so sweet, sibling love just makes a mama's heart explode. :) Glad you're having a good visit!


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