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Thursday, May 3, 2012

how much I love you

My little girl is 5 months old and boy is it going by fast. She seems to be growing right before our eyes and her personality changes daily too.
She's very talkative, has been actually since she was just a few weeks old, and she's emotional too. If you take something away from her or if I walk away from her, she cries like I've hurt her feelings. It's actually really cute.
She now says "mama" and often says while looking at me when someone else is holding her, as if to say "I want Mama". It's adorable actually. She also practices her "babas" and "wawas", really loudly for all to hear... show off :O)
She's starting to sit up on her own, which I think she'll really enjoy once she get's the hang of it.
And today she had her first taste of real food. Today (May 3rd) she tasted a small amount of avocado and seemed to really like it.
Katia is a sweet little girl with a funny sense of humour and personality. She is a "mama's girl" through and through and I don't mind it one bit. She adores her big brother and often wants what he has. We \all see that she wants to follow along with the group and I think it's very sweet.
The other day she came to the park with Noah and myself. I put her in the swing and she really enjoyed it. She is still quite petite looking and so she looked very small in the swing. Despite being small, Katia is a strong 16 pounds!
Happy 5 months sweet girl! You'll always know dear, how much I love you, because I'll tell you everyday. xox


  1. ahhh they grow so fast, I can't believe she is almost half a year old. I can't wait to get the girls together for a play date. E can help Katia learn to sit, and Katia can teach E how to talk.

  2. No way! FIVE months? Wow.

    She's a beauty, Jo.


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