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Monday, March 12, 2012


 hi Bowie! We miss you! 

discussing hockey pucks with Grampa on Skype

Happy Monday dear friends. Today we are taking it pretty easy as we are nursing some colds and I don't want anyone to get too sick. This past weekend was a quiet one around here. On Saturday we did some errands like picking out paint colours for our basement and picking up groceries and then on Sunday I took Katia to church, while WInslow and Noah stayed home and rested. In the evening I went over to a new friend's house for a craft night. It was nice to get out (with Katia) and to meet some people who like to be creative like me. This particular new friend is a Waldorf homeschooling mama and so I am very excited to hopefully get to know her better.
The days are going by fast as usual, and I am trying my best to be attentive to Noah and Katia, my friends and myself. We leave at the end of the month for a 6 week trip, starting in BC and Seattle and then making our way to Ontario to see our family. I am very much looking forward to seeing our loved ones back home and to doing some shopping (I'm not going to lie).
Here are some photos from the past week. Little snaps from our everyday life. Hope you are having a great week so far. Chicken soup, skype dates, brotherly-sisterly love, friendship love, Daddy working away on the basement (you rock Daddy!), visits from the neighbourhood cat Sinclaire (yes he came in our house, yes I am allergic). Stay healthy!

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  1. mmm, that soup looks good!

    feel better, all of you...


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