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Friday, March 16, 2012

showering sarah

Last Friday I had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for my dear friend Sarah. I've known Sarah for over two years now, and I truly consider her one of my closest and dearest friends. A close friend is there for you in good times and bad, and we've been there for each other through both.
I still remember the day Sarah told me that she was expecting. Sarah and I were making the 4 hrs drive up to the small community of Mayo to mark the one year anniversary of our friend's husband's passing. We had both little ones (Abby and Noah) in the back seat. Sarah told me half way into the trip her exciting news and I was over the moon excited for her.
It had been a long and hard journey for Sarah to get pregnant. Along the way there were 3 heart breaking losses and lot's of waiting. Sarah and her husband had been through so much to get to this point, and we all knew how much they wanted to have more children. When she shared her wonderful news with everyone, we all were so happy for them.
At about 7 weeks pregnant Sarah started to joke around that she was getting so big because she was carrying twins. Right away, her tummy started to show and for a petite lady like Sarah, there was no hiding it. At her ultrasound it was confirmed, there was baby A AND baby B!!! Holy moly, things about to get exciting.
On Friday February 17th at 35 weeks, two sweet little baby girls were born into this world. Anyone who is close to Sarah and her family knows how precious and wanted these two little baby girls are, and it has ben such a privilege for me to be around them all at this exciting and crazy time of their lives.
So last week Sarah's baby shower was all about celebrating and loving on these two little miracles (and their mama). It was about letting Sarah know how proud we all are of her and how special they all are.
Here are some pictures from the tea party baby shower.


  1. I am so lucky my two miracle babies are here and that I have you for a friend to celebrate this :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! Congrats and so much love!


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