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Sunday, March 18, 2012

luck of the irish

I have a bit of Irish in me. On my mom's side going way back. My Grandmother says we are Irish, which means my little ones have something like a 1/4 Irish in them....oh what ever....everyone is Irish on St.Paddy's Day right?
We didn't do a whole lot for St.Paddy's Day but we did do a few little things over the last week.
Noah made some lovely and festive art ( I love that he loves art!) and for breakfast we had green pancakes. We all dressed up in green on the day of (except hubby) and maybe just maybe Mama might have snuck a wee bit of Bailey's Irish cream liquor into her morning coffee....maybe...but I'm not sayin'.
Happy weekend! How did you celebrate?


  1. Oh my goodness you're too much! :) In a good way.

  2. Love your clovers -- both the real ones and the kiwi fruit ones! You are so creative. :) We dressed up in green as well, went to a friend's place for appetizers, drinks and board games - where I ate at least a dozen mini cupcakes with green buttercream on them.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS YOUR LITTLE STUFFED HOUSE IS JUST THE CUTEST THING ON EARTH!!! I can't even describe how much I want one! I wish I still had my sewing machine!


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