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Sunday, February 26, 2012

katia's baptism

 the making of the cake!

 receiving her prayer shall (to wrap her in God's love) from "Gramma" Susan (a former RCMP wife )

So here we go with a few pictures from Katia's baptism day. Yesterday we had Katia baptized at our church and it was a beautiful service. For those that aren't familiar with what a baptism is here is a bit about it, and what it means to us.
We attend a church called the United church of Canada. I really like this church for many reasons. As a church they strongly believe in social activism and care very much about equality for all. The United church is a Protestant Christian church that leans towards the left in it's beliefs. Our church supports, celebrates and performs gay marriages and supports gay ministers as well. Environmentalism as well as helping third world countries are high on the list at our church. Not only do their beliefs line up with ours but our actual church, Whitehorse United, is such a wonderful community minded church. The congregation has such spirit and cares so much about those around them. I have never felt so welcomed into a church community before.
 Baptism at our church does not mean that Katia is magically protected from anything or that she'll get a free pass into heaven, it just means that we are dedicating her to God and welcoming her into the church community. It means that we as parents are making a promise to raise her in a Christian household and that we will teach her to be a good and loving person. It is a celebration and a blessing and is a symbolic ceremony.
A few details about the day. I ordered her dress from a Canadian company called Perry Winkles Kids that makes hand made smocked dresses. I am in love with the simple classic look of this dress and plan on buying her one of their "everyday" dresses when I am in Ontario next time.
Her sterling silver bracelet was given to us from my mom. It used to belong to her when she was a baby, so this bracelet is 65 years old! When I decided that we would have Katia baptized here in Whitehorse, I asked my mom to send it to us from PEI, so that we could have a little piece of the family with us on her day. It is so pretty and dainty and tiny.
I decided to make a cake for after the service and wanted to share it with the whole church. So I made 4 large pan cakes and then put them together and iced them. We chose a rainbow theme because the bible reading this week was Noah's Ark story and at the end of the story, God displays a rainbow, which is a sign for hope, peace and God's promise to love us. PS. If you want to know how to successfully doctor a cake mix, I am your girl! I can give you the low down.
Finally, we were so blessed to have a few of our friends come to the service to celebrate Katia's baptism with us. It was really special to have them there with us, as we consider them our Northern family.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.



  1. So glad that you are starting Katia's life out on the right path! Everything looks like it was a magical time for your family.

  2. That looks like a lovely service Johanna. Katia is such a beautiful little girl. You all look great. Katia has the blessing of a wonderful family to grow up with.
    Don't know how you managed to make and ice that cake with everything else you have to do! Looks very yummy! I'm sure everyone loved it:)

  3. Thanks for sharing this special day with us.
    Katia is so beautiful. I love her dress!


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