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Friday, February 24, 2012

their love

Happy Friday dear friends. We are looking forward to a fun weekend around here. Photo sessions, Rendezvous (Yukon's winter festival), a party at our friend's house, and then on Sunday, Katia's baptism.
I wanted to share some photos from our week. I especially love the ones of Noah and Katia in my bed. Every morning, Noah comes to join us in our bed and he and Katia spend some time cuddling together. It's the sweetest thing. Lately I've been watching them really interact together and it makes me so happy to see. The way Noah gently holds her hand and talks to her, the way she looks at him with such love and respect. It's really amazing to watch their relationship begin to unfold.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend dear friends!


  1. That's so wonderful!
    I found something cute for Katia at H&M. I'd better send it before it gets too small. :)
    Have a lovely weekend and baptism.

  2. Oh, those two! Adorable.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Jo. It sounds like it's shaping up to be great.

  3. Johanna, you have the most BEAUTIFUL children! I've always thought that having a boy, followed by a girl a few years later would be the best...that sweet old bro, younger sis relationship is something I've always loved watching! :)


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