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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

katia at two months

Oh the injustice of being the second child. Here is Katia's 2 month update, 11 days late! Sorry Katia! We love you just as much, it's just a little bit crazy around our house these days. I'm sure you understand right?
So at 2 months (and 11 days) Katia is full of personality and charm. She smiles all the time and is just learning to laugh now. She laughs when I kiss her cheeks, I guess it tickles and she laughs when I sing her little songs.
Katia is starting to show a bit of a sleep pattern which is nice. Her older brother Noah NEVER had a sleep pattern and used to get up every 1-2 hrs when he was a baby. This is such a nice change.
Some other things that are new to Katia are that she loves to have a bath with her brother or with mommy and she loves to sleep with me. Katia can do short spurts of tummy time and likes to play with her baby gym for short amounts of time too.
She always comes to the table when we eat our meals and I can just see her eyeing everyone's food. I think we'll have an early eater. Katia also talks a lot! She make all kinds of sounds to get our attention and then will stare at us and coo really loudly. I think it's the cutest thing in the world and I often joke that I we'll have a huge phone bill someday when she's a teenager.
I just can't stop myself from wanting to kiss her and cuddle her and tickle her. Having Katia in our family is such a blessing and we all love her so so much. We are so blessed to have such a sweet and darling little girl in our lives.

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  1. Yaaaay!
    Happy 2 months, sweet adorable Katia!
    Thanks for sharing this update, I love these!


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