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Thursday, February 9, 2012

child of mine

The other day I got out for a rare walk with just Noah. Katia stayed back at home with Daddy, and Noah and I found ourselves outside for an afternoon walk. Our walks usually involve playing in the snow, taking a stroll down the street in search of Sinclaire the cat, and they always involve bringing Noah's hockey stick and puck along.
Along the way we bumped into some neighbourhood kids and their nanny. Noah got to playing hockey with the kids, while the nanny and I started chatting about the Philippines. We ended up playing outside of their house for a while and then I decided it was time for us to head home in case Katia needed me (*a nursing mom can never stray too far from the babe)
On the way home I could see that Noah was starting to drag his feet and become tired. I was starting to worry that Katia would need me, so I picked Noah up and started to carry him home. I hoisted my big boy up on to my front and started to walk with him. Face to face, he had his legs wrapped around my waist and his hands cupped my face. I told him that we had to get back to the baby and he said I'm your baby and then it just hit me, he is growing up so fast. I looked at him and thought, my goodness, where has the time gone? I stopped walking right there and then and inspected his face. It had been a while since I had taken a good look at him and I was almost taken a back to see this big boy looking back at me. I kissed his rosy cold cheeks as we stood there in the street and at that very moment I just wanted to stop time.
In so many ways, Noah is such a big boy now. He talks non stop about hockey and wants to read his Z is for Zamboni book every night before bed. He likes to go tobogganing and skating. He plays so well with his friends and carries on conversations with us about what ever is on his mind. He finds certain things so funny and also shows fear over made up things like monsters. He remembers words to the songs and poems that I teach him and makes our hearts melt when he sings or recites them to us. He adores his little sister and gives her the sweetest kisses ever. He truly is an amazing little guy with such a personality. When he insists on something, instead of saying "it is" he says "eeeeeeeese". He likes to hide things in "special places", only to forget where he put them and then makes us go on a wild goose chase looking for his missing item. He's funny and emotional and silly and adorable and he always makes us laugh.
My boy is growing up so fast and it's really starting to hit me. Life is even busier these days now that we have "little sister" here. It's starting to sink in that this time in our lives is going by quickly. I just hope that I can remember to slow down enough and enjoy it because someday I'll look back on the crazy days with such fond memories.


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