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Saturday, February 11, 2012

heart of the home

I love  that Noah is of an age to understand holidays now. This means crafts that are centered around holidays and it gives me an extra reason to decorate the house. Mind you, I used to decorate for holidays even before I had children.
So over the past few weeks we have been decorating the house for Valentine's Day. We painted hearts by using doilies as a stencil which is really fun. I then taped the hearts up in our front window so that people walking by have something fun and festive to look at. I discovered at Halloween that we have the perfect window for displaying things and so ever since I've been using our front window to show our decorations to those passing by. I secretly hope that it brightens their day when they look at our window.
I also hung my heart bunting that I made last year for Valentine's Day. It goes right where my Fall bunting and Christmas bunting goes. I have a little running joke with Winslow. After every holiday, I know that he breathes a little sigh of relief. He imagines that the house will finally be clear of decorations and buntings, but I always find a way to pull out the next set of decorations. I have a bunting for birthdays and Fall and Christmas and Valentine's Day. Oh and my friend Lisa sent me the sweetest girly bunting that I think will be perfect for Spring and Easter. Poor Winslow!
So here we are just a few short days away from Valentine's Day. Today we went to a kids party and it was so sweet to see the children exchange cards and decorate heart cookies. On Tuesday I'm going to show myself some love by going to my yoga class and then we will do a little family dinner of some sort. I'm thinking maybe we'll do a picnic in the living room and set out a blanket on the floor. That could be fun!
And how about you dear friends? Does anyone have special plans for heart day?
Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


  1. They are both such lovely children. Noah and his baby sister look alike. She looks very relaxed.

    Hope you are well and getting some sleep.

    1. Thank you Chania! We are slowly getting into a routine once again which helps me to feel human ;o)
      Hope you are well! xoxo

  2. What beautiful children. Much love sweet friend!! Bisous.


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