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Saturday, February 4, 2012

colour, fun, fresh air, snow

This afternoon we found ourselves outside enjoying the late afternoon sun. That's right! Late afternoon sun! The sun doesn't set now until 5:30 or so and we are fully taking advantage of the extra daylight.
I decided that we would do some snow painting in the front of our house which entertained Noah for a good 45mins or so. Katia slept away in her ergo carrier, while I watched Noah play.
After some play in the front yard, we wandered down the street to look for Sinclair, the neighbourhood cat. Noah loves him and Sinclair always comes over to greet us, which makes Noah's day.
The days are getting longer and we've just had a stretch of unseasonably warm weather. I'm soaking it all up.

Good things for today:

:: going out for breakfast with Noah (and Katia) while Daddy stayed home to study. It was like a little date with my little guy.
:: sunshine.
::colourful houses in my neighbourhood.
:: watching a chick flick because I wanted something light and fluffy.
:: making valentines for the kids to send to family and friends.
:: brownies. yum!

happy weekend


  1. Wonderful!! I hope it got you out of your winter funk, at least for a day. :)
    Thanks for your sweet message, the things people have been writing there are so encouraging and reassuring!
    Also, thank you for the blog link to Clover Lane...I think it will become a favorite.

    1. Yes, I love Clover Lane.
      Keep strong my friend. You are a Mama Bear of course you want to protect your baby cub.

  2. This makes me wish we had seasons. San Diego is springy all year long.


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