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Sunday, December 18, 2011

these days...

these days are all about ...

  • a toddler's excitement for Christmas.
  • trying to enjoy our last week leading up to Christmas.
  • cuddling two little ones.
  • nursing and spitting up and burping and soothing a little precious babe.
  • watching a favourite Christmas movies. Like this one!
  • sneaking in coffee and even getting to go out for a coffee at a cafe!
  • trying to get out of the house at least once a day.
  • remembering to have patience.
  • being thankful for having been given a lovely baby shower.
  • wearing pjs in the house, pretty much at all times.
  • missing family back home so much.
  • watching my two littles learn to love each other.

Hope your days are happy dear friends. Lots of holiday love to you and yours.


  1. Oh, man, they are beautiful! Merry Christmas, to you four!
    P.S. Love the Holiday!

  2. It's all so precious.
    Love to you and your beautiful family!
    There's something traveling across the globe to you in Whitehorse.

  3. Sounds and looks amazing. Merry Christmas. Your family is beautiful!


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