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Friday, December 16, 2011

friday I'm in love

These days are all about keeping the peace in our home and making sure that we are all being taken care of (physically and emotionally).
Our family who were visiting us last week have now left, which has brought on a bit of an adjustment for us all. Noah really enjoyed having his Nana, Auntie and cousin here and since they left it's been hard at times because he doesn't have all the attention that he had before. We are doing our best though.
Things are going well 2.5 weeks into having a new baby in our lives. I knew ahead of time that it would be a big adjustment and I think that we are doing pretty well at managing it all. At times I find myself a bit overwhelmed which I'm sure is to be expected. Somedays I feel like I am just floating through the day, trying to make it through in one piece and then somedays I feel emotional, sad, happy, all at once. I know this is all normal, especially for a new mama.
It's hard to believe that there is just over a week until Christmas. This month has just flown by, actually time in general seems to just be flying by. I really hope that I can find a moment to just sit and be in the present and take it all in. I still have things I want to do like some baking, a big grocery shop for all the tasty things we want to eat and final decorating touches. Oh and I still have a few gifts to buy... egah! How about you? Are you all ready for the holidays?
And that's about it dear friends. Just trying to keep it all together and more. I'm feeling a bit sentimental at the moment. As I said, we are 2.5 weeks into Katia's life and I'm feeling a wee bit sad about it. I haven't had the same time to just sit and study her the way I did with Noah when he was a baby. This afternoon I found a moment where it was just her and I cuddling. I'm happy to report that I got some smiles and coos from her (at 2.5 weeks!!!) and I was able to take a moment to stare at all her sweet little features, like her perfect rosebud lips and her long wispy eyelashes. I took some photo booth photos because it was the only camera nearby. So here we are. Cuddling and in love.


  1. Oh, how sweet!
    I am sure it must be such a big adjustment, and overwhelming at times. You are doing great!
    Life is so interesting....there is always something new to learn. So many ways to grow.
    Wishing you many more cuddles with your darling daughter,

  2. I just finished all my Christmas shopping yesterday, at the Hong Kong markets! I bought my mother an amazing painting that she's just going to love!

  3. Hmmm, I remember feeling that way with Nora too. Feeling so happy and so sad at the same time, not wanting another day to go by. Wanting to freeze the moments, especially those cuddly ones.

    I have a few more things to do this week for the holidays. A few that I will let go too. After all, it isn't a very Christmasy feeling to be super-stressed.

    Take good care of yourself and those babes!


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